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Welcome from Dean Umble

Dean UmbleThe aim of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is to expose students to a wide breadth of courses in order to develop lifelong, self-motivated learners who can successfully connect the dots between multiple disciplines. By offering the majority of courses in the University’s general education program, as well as enrolling well over a third of all MU students in the School’s majors, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is at the heart of liberal learning at Millersville.

Rapid changes in technology and a broader global perspective have made liberal arts studies and the wide range of skills they impart more essential than ever before. Employers today are seeking qualified graduates with a broad foundation of knowledge. Students studying liberal arts will learn to think critically, examine the world around them, communicate effectively and adjust to changing situations. MU will prepare students with an understanding and appreciation of diversity, ethical issues and service to others. In addition, students will acquire analytical and creative learning skills – like research and writing. All of these abilities will ultimately lead to our graduates’ success long after they have left our campus buildings and walkways.

Dr. Diane Zimmerman Umble
Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean's Office

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McComsey Hall, Suite 234

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43 E. Frederick Street
Millersville, PA 17551

Phone:  (717) 871-7160
Note: New Number as of 2/4/15
Fax:  (717) 871-7947
Note: New Fax Number as of 3/23/15

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