Paul H. Slaugh, Jr. Entrepreneurship Minor

Paul H. Slaugh, Jr. Entrepreneurship Minor

Introducing Millersville's New Entrepreneurship Minor!

Millersville University’s interdisciplinary minor in entrepreneurship, the only truly interdisciplinary minor of its kind throughout the entire Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, was offered starting Fall 2012.  This minor allows students in any major to bring an entrepreneurial perspective to their specific area of study. 

The curriculum is based on the premise that the study of entrepreneurship is not confined solely to those topics studied in business administration, but rather it is a dynamic, cross-disciplinary field of study. While the minor is housed in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the participating departments offering courses include Accounting and Finance, Art and Design, Chemistry, Communication and Theatre, Computer Science, Economics, Music, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's Studies, and more. 

Entrepreneurship has a role in every field of study; therefore, the Entrepreneurship Minor is for students in any major!

Students will learn to identify resources and tools to translate opportunities into sustainable solutions, formulate business plans and develop ethical orientations to build informed decisions, strategies and relationships. The entrepreneurship minor will require students to complete a minimum of 18 credits, which includes an introductory seminar on entrepreneurial thinking, two core courses, a practicum and a capstone course on business skills for entrepreneurs.

Course list for Entrepreneurship Minor:

ENTR 201
Art of Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)

ENTR 315/316 
Entrepreneurial Practicum (3-6 Credits)

COMM 390 
Social Media Campaigns (3 credits)

WSTU 491 
Creativity, Innovation and Engagement (3 Credits)

ENTR 379/488 
Principles of Business for Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)
18 credits are required for the minor, which may include an approved elective. 

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Contact the Directors

Nancy Mata & Jeri Robinson-Lawrence
Co-Directors, Entrepreneurship Minor

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