Strike Update

The University will remain open. Additional information available here. All students should check the class cancellation list.

PEU Assessment System

PEU Report Menu

Graduated Student Surveys

Assessment Summary Report

  • Frequency Assessment Report - Each PEU program assessment scores are summarized by frequency,and average mean. Limit by term and student major.

Assessment Definition Report

  • Assessment Definitions - View how each assessment for a particular program is set up. Assessment definitions, data input type, rating type, rubric, etc..

Demonstration Videos

  • Disposition Module (Flash) - Concern Notice, Disposition Assessment,Disposition Report.
  • Assessment Definition Module (Flash) - How to create,modify assessment definitions. Associate CF and SPA standards to assessments and subscores. Creating custom rating levels and subscores. Approx 8 minutes long.
  • Assessment Module (Flash) - Demontrates examples of assessment score entry.