Faculty Instructions: View/Print Class Lists

View/Print Class Lists

A new feature on Banner Web for Faculty enables you to design your own class list format, print class lists, and download class lists in an Excel file format. All faculty have a Banner Web account consisting of a MAX ID and PIN. If you don't know your MAX ID, see your department secretary or call Human Resources at 872-3017 for assistance. The first time you sign on, your PIN is your birth date in the format MMDDYY. Your PIN has already been expired, so you will need to enter a new PIN and also a security question the first time you use MAX.

To Use the Web Class List

  1. On the MU home page, select "Faculty and Staff" in the Information block, then click on the "Banner Web" icon. (You can bookmark this for future use.)
  2. Enter your User ID and PIN.
  3. Select "Faculty Services," then the "Instructor" menu. Choose "Class Rosters."
  4. Follow the instructions to choose a term and course from the pop-down boxes.

Choose Your Default Format

You can set up your class list with up to 13 columns in any order. First choose whether you want to create an excel file or view/print a roster from the web. Then define your format by selecting fields from the pop-down boxes. Choose from: student name, student ID, degree/major/option, CRN, subject, course number, section number, credits (course), level credits (U/G), class (FR, SO, JR, etc.), undergraduate credits earned, graduate credits earned, email address. If you don't want a field included on your report, choose -None-. Your default format will apply until you change it.

Print or Download Class List

Click "Create Class Roster" to either view or download the class list. Use the links at the bottom of the page if you want to select another course or another term. You have the option to use the same format, or change the format before viewing or printing another list.