Degree Audit (DARS)

Welcome to DARS!

A degree audit is a report that organizes a student's courses according to degree requirements. It includes completed MU courses, transfer work and courses currently in progress. The degree audit provides detailed information about how your course work applies toward requirements in your major, minor and general education areas. For both undergraduate and graduate students, it also identifies whether requirements have been satisfied. When undergraduates apply for graduation, the degree audit will be used to verify that all graduation requirements have been met. It can serve as a guide for discussions with your adviser concerning your academic program. Degree audits are not available for prospective students.

In graduate studies, degree audits are currently available for students admitted as of Fall 2005 to the present for the following programs:

  • MA/MED English
  • MA/MED French, German, Spanish
  • MA History
  • MBA Business Administration
  • MED Sport Management
  • MED Mathematics
  • MED Elementary Education
  • MED Early Childhood
  • MED Special Education
  • MED Language & Literacy
  • MED Leadership for Teaching & Learning
  • MED Art Education
  • MED Technology Education
  • MED Gifted Education
  • MSN Nursing
  • MS Biology
  • MS Emergency Management
  • MSW Social Work