PA State Grant

PA State Grant

Pennsylvania State Grant

PA State Grants are awarded to Pennsylvania residents who are degree-seeking undergraduate students, and have not yet earned a bachelor's degree; this grant does not have to be repaid. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) determines a student's eligibility for the grant which is generally based on financial need. PHEAA administers the PA State Grant and will notify Millersville if a student is eligible. 

To be considered for the PA State Grant, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than May 1 each year, and complete the State Grant application. PHEAA may require additional information from you once your application is submitted. It is the student's responsibility to follow-up and submit all required documentation.

For more detailed information about the PA State Grant and your eligibility, please click on the following links to learn more.

Eligibility Requirements

PHEAA Academic Progress Policy

Summer PA State Grants

PHEAA Distance Education Policy

PHEAA Quick Facts

Pennsylvania Residents

    • Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) administers the grant program. (1-800-692-7392). 
    • You will need to log into (or create) your PHEAA account (Account Access) in order to obtain the necessary forms and/or to provide the additional information.
    • You must have a FAFSA completed by May 1 each year.
    • Millersville University does not participate in the PHEAA Distance Education Pilot Program. Therefore, students with more online credits than classroom credits in any one semester would not be eligible for a PHEAA state grant for that semester

Non-Pennsylvania Residents:

    • Are not eligible for the PA State Grant; however, the student should contact their State Agency for additional information. 
    • You can view the full list of State Agencies through the U.S. Department of Education Website
    • State Aid Deadlines are listed on FAFSA. Students must comply by the listed deadline in order to be considered for their state's grant.

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