Message from the Council of Trustees 12-10-12

Dear University Community,

As trustees at Millersville University, we take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the manner in which the University community has worked together during the search for the next president. The Millersville University Presidential Search Committee, comprised of faculty, students, alumni, business leaders, staff, administrators and trustees, has devoted extensive hours to this very serious task.

We are also aware that there are concerns about the final action of the trustees with regard to the names of the three candidates forwarded to the Chancellor and Board of Governors. The following should be noted: (1) The trustees were respectful of the recommendations of the Search Committee and considered the recommendations very seriously; (2) In fact, two of the names forwarded by the Search Committee were included in the final three to the Chancellor and Board of Governors; and (3) the slate of three candidates forwarded to the Board of Governors were selected from the individuals reviewed by the Search Committee.

The trustees consulted with legal counsel at the State System of Higher Education to confirm our understanding of the law pertaining to the selection of presidential candidates. The Board of Governors’ Policy, 1983-13-A, when read in conjunction with the provisions of the State System of Higher Education enabling legislation, Act 188 of 1982, contemplates that the selection of presidential candidates is vested with the University trustees. The three candidates selected by the Search Committee were an advisory recommendation to the Council of Trustees. Therefore, the trustees exercised their statutory authority and voted to forward a slate of candidates by public vote at a sunshined meeting on November 16, 2012.

The Council of Trustees has a long history of a strong and positive working relationship with all sectors of the University, particularly the faculty. Both APSCUF and the Faculty Senate representatives serve as advisors to the trustees. It is the trustees’ intention to continue to work toward positive relationships with all sectors of the University as we move forward, especially as we prepare for the arrival of a new president early next year.


The Millersville University Council of Trustees