Search Committee Members

Council of Trustees

Caroline Hoffer, Esquire, Presidential Search Committee Chair
Dr. Robert Frick
Gerald Robinson, Esquire

University Executive

Ms. Michelle Pérez


Dr. Ronald Umble
Dr. Cheryl Desmond (alternate)
Dr. Rebecca Mowrey
Dr. Jean Boal (alternate)


Ms. Rita Miller
Ms. Deborah Miller (alternate)


Mr. Jordan Smith
Mr. Patrick Hollowell (alternate)


Dr. Richard Frerichs
Ms. Lori Dierolf (alternate)

Optional Selections (selected by the Council of Trustees)

Mr. Stephen Kepchar, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Mr. William Reuter, Chairman and CEO, Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
Dr. Tamara Willis, Assistant Superintendent, York City School District

Current PASSHE President

Dr. David Soltz, Bloomsburg University President

PASSHE Liaison

Mr. Gary Dent, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Labor Relations

Search Consultant

Mr. John Thornburgh, Senior Vice President, Witt/Kieffer

University Support Staff

Mr. Louis DeSol
Ms. Jennifer Hart