Letter from Council of Trustees

To University Community

Millersville University Council of Trustees Chair, Mr. Michael Warfel, has requested that the search procedure and process that is prescribed by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education for recommending the appointment of a president to succeed Dr. Francine G. McNairy upon her retirement on January 31, 2013, be communicated to the campus community. For those who want to review the actual Board of Governor’s policy that prescribes the search and appointment processes, please go to the PASSHE website, search for Policies, and click on Policy 1983-13-A: Process for Recommending Presidential Appointment.

Search Procedure

The chancellor, when notified of a vacancy, appoints a staff liaison to the council of trustees, who, as a non-voting member of the Presidential Search Committee, will assist the council and chancellor in conducting the search. The chancellor notifies the chairperson of the university council of trustees who then forms a Presidential Search Committee, with the advice and consent of the council. The membership of the Presidential Search Committee is prescribed as follows:

  • Three trustees, elected by the council;
  • One executive from the university who does not report directly to the president, selected by the council after consultation with those executives
  • Two faculty members, one (and an alternate) selected by faculty election and one (and an alternate) selected by the faculty collective bargaining unit;
  • Two non-instructional persons, one of whom will be selected by the leadership of the non-instructional bargaining units and an alternate;
  • One student (not a trustee) selected by the student government and an alternate;
  • One alumna/us (not a trustee) selected by the trustee chairperson and an alternate;
  • One current or former president/chancellor from a comparable university, from a list designated by the chancellor (non-voting); and
  • Optional: Up to three others within the university, selected by the council to assure appropriate involvement by constituency (for example, board member from MU Foundation and Capital Campaign Cabinet), gender, race, generation, etc.

The chairperson of the trustees appoints the chair of the Presidential Search Committee, who must be one of the three university trustees serving on the committee. To assist with the search process the chairperson of the Presidential Search Committee selects a consulting firm, from a presidential search consulting firm list maintained by the chancellor.

It is the responsibility of the Presidential Search Committee to invite applications, conduct preliminary screening, invite certain applicants for off-site interviews, invite leading candidates to visit the campus, and report its findings and recommendations to the trustees. The policy notes that the committee presents to the trustees the names and dossiers of three unranked candidates for the presidency from which the trustees shall forward their recommendations to the chancellor. The policy further stipulates that the trustees shall submit to the chancellor the names and dossiers of at least three candidates, without ranking; although trustees may confidentially share other information and evaluative material with the chancellor deemed helpful to the chancellor and the Board of Governors.

It is the responsibility of the chancellor to submit the report of the trustees to the chair of the Board of Governors and to advise the Board. The chancellor notifies the chairperson of the university’s search committee and the final candidates of the board’s selection. Public announcement of the selection is made by the chancellor.

Communications from the Search Committee

The search committee chair will issue intermittent reports to the university trustees and community about the search progress, notifying them about such things as committee membership, meeting dates, deadlines, etc. It is anticipated that nearly all of this communication will be through a Presidential Search link on the university’s home webpage. A tentative timeline for the search process is being developed and will be provided through the Presidential Search link. Additional information will be posted to the search link when available; including but not limited to the composition of the search committee, the selection of the search consultant, and the position advertisement and position description.