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Open Space—Your creative ideas realized.

Open Space is a call for student (or team of student) artists, musicians, designers, singers, writers, spoken word artists, DJ, dancers, filmmakers, composers, theatre makers, DIY creative and any student with a brave, creative spirit - to fill an empty physical space (art gallery or stage space) with original work or creation and earn a $500 stipend and up to $1500 to spend on materials and production. The space is given to you for the realization of your artistic vision based on the organizing theme, “How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?” This question can be expressed in many ways from many points of view. We want to see what you have to say.

The question is the title of the One Book One Campus book for freshmen, “How Does It Feel to be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America”, by Moustafa Bayoumi. You do not have to read the book or focus on an Arab American experience to participate. All artistic visions related to this question are relevant. All MU students are eligible – including freshmen. The Open Space project, which will take place Fall 2014,  is the culminating event in a mix of music, theatre, an art exhibition and speaker performances surrounding this theme during the fall semester.

How Open Space Works

Your work should respond to the phrase, ‘how does it feel to be a problem’ from your own experience or research and express the phrase from your viewpoint. The artistic work can take any shape or form – from 2 or 3-D visual art to performance in music, theatre, dance, video, design, fashion, culinary arts or any combination of all and more of these artistic mediums. It must be your own work, able to be shown to the public in one of the spaces provided, not infringe on any copyright laws, follow the student code of conduct, and show a commitment to research, thoughtful creative process and artistic expression. All people involved must be current MU students.

Once chosen, you will meet with the professional team including production and administrative staff to support implementing your vision. Expertise and equipment in lighting, sound, and video technology will be available to you. A $1500 production budget will be available to create your work to be installed, rehearsed, and performed in a two-week period. In addition, you will consult with the Art & Design and marketing department to create marketing materials and other visuals needed to promote the site based work happening during Fall 2014.

If interested, sign up using the form below and you will be contacted!

Questions? Contact Barry Kornhauser

Available Spaces

Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center

  • Art Gallery (tentative—seats 40)
  • Clair Performance Hall (650 seats, proscenium stage)
  • Biemesderfer Concert Hall (290 seat, concert hall stage).

Alumni Room (seats 40)

First floor lobby (no fixed seating, perfect for installation or performance art work)

Your Own Idea for an Interesting Space