At CorpU we believe that investing in your people is a key ingredient to their success. However, investing wisely is key to the success of the organization. For that reason we are proud to provide a new tool to help organizations invest wisely. The CorpU Training Needs Assessment can help provide the organization with the feedback to make wiser decisions on training and development opportunities.

And we are NOW offering, for a limited time, FREE access to the tool and the "Basic Organizational Training Needs Report".

The "Advanced Organizational Training Needs Report" is COMING SOON...

The process:

  1. Click HERE to Set-up your FREE "Basic Organizational Training Needs Assessment" via e-mail. Please include your company's name and Survey end date in your request. CorpU will place your companies name in the drop down list of the assessment.
  2. CorpU will then provide a link for you to distribute to your team.
  3. After the close date, please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your report.

Training Needs Assessment