Student Profiles

Graduate students at Millersville University have diverse backgrounds and are prepared to pursue a broad range of career opportunities in the sciences, the humanities, education, and additional related fields. The profiles below represent a few of our current and former students.

ADively Mallary Kamen

Courtney Hart
Graduate Program: Clinical Psychology

Ashley Dively
Graduate Program: English

Mallary Kamen
Graduate Program: Math Education

MGlah Javita Thomson

Meagara Glah
Graduate Program: Language and Literacy

Javita Thompson
Graduate Program: Emergency Management

Cyndi Stehli
Graduate Program: Language and Literacy

Brittany Parsons  Janice Bechtel  Phil Grigonis

Brittany Parsons
Graduate Program: Social Work

Janice Bechtel
Graduate Program: Social Work

Phil Grigonis
Graduate Program: Technology Education