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Congratulations to the new officers for the Spring 2013 term! Preetham Moras will be president, Wes Toth will be vice-president, Brooke Shenberger will be secretary, and Lauren Heslin will be treasurer.

The GSA was awarded permanent status as a student organization through Student Senate at their February 9, 2012 meeting.


This year, the GSA looks forward to hosting traveling socials for graduate students in designated buildings across campus. The GSA will also plan a semester social and volunteer event, inviting all members to attend at a location of their choice. We will be helping to organize the research symposium being held at the Dixon Center in Harrisburg during the spring semester. The GSA will hold monthly meetings, and all members are invited to attend.

New ideas and plenty of enthusiasm are always welcome. Any graduate student interested in getting more information about the GSA and upcoming programs should call (871-2492) for Brooke Shenberger (Secretary, GSA) or find information at .

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Mission Statement

"The mission of the graduate student association at Millersville University is to promote an exchange of ideas among graduate students and with faculty and administration. The primary responsibilities of the GSA are to provide guidance and assistance for graduate students, to promote opportunities for student-faculty interaction, and to provide a forum for the expression of graduate students' needs and concerns."