General Information

In an effort to increase the customer focus of our graduate student services, Graduate and Professional Studies is pleased to provide on-line access to many of the common forms that graduate students need during their degree program. Hard copies of these forms are also available in Graduate and Professional Studies Office, 2nd Floor, Lyle Hall.

Please note that the following forms are being provided in a fillable .pdf format (Adobe Acobrat), unless noted otherwise, for your convenience. We encourage you to complete them electronically for legibility purposes, but most forms will need to be printed, or saved and emailed to your advisor as signatures will need to be obtained. If a form can be electronically submitted, it is noted with the form link.

Forms Dealing with Degree Progress and Completion

Application for Admission to Degree Candidacy PDF File
Intended for students seeking to advance to degree candidacy in their master's degree program. Degree candidacy requirements and processes vary by department. Please speak to your advisor regarding your program's policies for degree candidacy. Some programs require an exam, while some programs just require a minimum number of completed credits. Not all programs require the completion of this form.

Application for Graduation PDF File
Intended for students working in the final semester of their master's program and seeking to be evaluated for graduation.

Intent to Attend Ceremony (certification students only) PDF File
Intended for post-baccalaureate or post-master's certification students working in the final semester of their program. This form serves as your RSVP for the commencement ceremony only. Students must complete appropriate paperwork with the certification office to be evaluated and sent to PDE for certification.

Application for Certificate Completion PDF File
Intended for students working in the final semester of their certificate program (Gifted, Nursing Education, or Family Nurse Practitioner) and seeking to be evaluated for completion. This form is not for students seeking Pennsylvania Department of Education Certification. It is for Millersville certificates only (Gifted, Nursing Education or Family Nurse Practitioner). If you are in a teacher certification program, you will need to complete appropriate paperwork with the Millersville Certification Office.

Change of Graduate Curriculum for Master's Degree and Supervisory Certification Programs PDF File
Intended for students seeking to change from their current master's degree or supervisory certification program to another master's degree or supervisory certification program at MU. This form can also be used to add/change a concentration or add an additional subject area to your supervisory certification. Students should note that additional information may be necessary for the department in addition to this form. THIS FORM IS NOT FOR POST-BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATION CHANGES OR ADDITIONS. For post-baccalaureate certification you are required to submit a new application for the certification you wish to add or change.

Forms Dealing with Courses

Request for MU Course Substitution PDF File
Intended for students seeking to substitute a required course in a graduate program with another graduate course at MU (from within their home program or from a different program).

Request for Transfer of Credit Back to MU PDF File
Intended for matriculating students seeking to take a course at another university to transfer back to their master's degree program at MU. Prior approval from the adviser, graduate coordinator, and dean of graduate studies and research is necessary.

Transcript Review of Graduate Courses Completed at Another Institution Prior to Admission at MU PDF File
Intended for students seeking to transfer credit for graduate courses taken at another regionally accredited institution prior to their MU admission. Please note that transfer credit will not be awarded for courses taken elsewhere that were specifically used in the completion of another degree program.

Transcript Review of Graduate Courses Completed at MUPDF File
Intended for students seeking to transfer credit for graduate courses completed at MU in programs (including nondegree status) other than the one they are planning to pursue.

Undergraduate Student Permission to Enroll in Graduate Course for Graduate Credit PDF File
Intended for undergraduate students who wish to enroll in a graduate level (500- or 600-) course  for graduate credit. Students must have a minimum of 3.0 gpa and have a maximum of 15 credits to be completed in their baccalaureate program. A nondegree graduate student application must be submitted in addition to this form.

Other Forms for Graduate Students

Address Update (online version)
You can update your address(es) and phone number(s) online via MAX. Please contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-2371 if you need assistance logging into your MAX account. Remember, without a correct address on file, you will not be able to receive important notices, and a valid mailing address is required for course registration. If you need to change your name, you must provide the College of Graduate and Professional Studies with official documentation, e.g. photocopy of social security card, court decree, marriage certificate.

Withdrawal from Graduate Program PDF File
Intended for students withdrawing from their graduate program at Millersville University.
Re-application will be required to re-enter Millersville University.This is not for students who need to withdraw  from courses for a semester or take a leave of absence. Do not complete this form if you are planning to return to the program to complete within the five year graduate time window.

Appeal Dismissal from Graduate Program PDF File(if submitting electronically, Internet Explorer must be used. Otherwise, you may print the document for submission)
This form is intended for students who have been academically dismissed from their graduate program, if they wish to appeal the dismissal to the Graduate Academic Appeal Committee.