MU Study Abroad Programs

MU Study Abroad Programs

Students may study abroad through MU or Non-MU Programs.  The Office of Global Education assists each student with identifying a study abroad program that best fits his or her individual needs, whether directly through an MU program or through another university provider.

Studying abroad through an MU Program means that a student will attend one of Millersville's seventeen official partner universities world-wide for a semester, year or summer.  Before formally affiliating with a partner institution, Global Education extensively researches local living conditions (including safety considerations), institutional infrastructure and academic compatibility as well as explores potential collaborative areas involving the respective universities' students, faculty and staff.  Prior to signing a partnership agreement, Global Education representatives conduct at least one site visit to inspect local facilities and services first-hand and to establish strong working relationships with their study abroad counterparts at the host university.  This review process often takes between 18-24 months to complete.

Each MU Study Abroad Program is assigned its own program coordinator, who communicates regularly with the partner institution to ensure smooth transitions for MU students during their time away.  Each program coordinator has considerable international travel and study abroad experience, and possesses significant expertise related to their host countries and universities, including having personally site visited them in most cases.

All MU Study Abroad Programs include a general and program specific pre-departure orientation.  This orientation is mandatory for participants, while parents and/or other parties involved in the study abroad decision making process are also strongly encouraged to attend.  In addition, students receive program-specific study abroad handbooks, visa application assistance and other pre-departure services.  Another convenience of MU Study Abroad Programs is that tuition billing in most cases follows the customary Millersville billing cycle.  Prices themselves can vary, with some programs charging Millersville tuition and fees and others having additional program charges.

Many MU Study Abroad Programs are also reciprocal exchanges.  In a student exchange arrangement, MU students attend a partner institution and the host university in turn sends its students to spend a semester or year here at Millersville.  These international students are an invaluable resource to outgoing MU study abroad participants regarding their home countries and universities, and are an important source of support and friendship to the MU students upon their arrival.

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