On-Campus Housing

Because of the terms of the exchange agreements with la Universidad de Burgos, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso,lL'Universite de Caen, and Kansai Gaidai students from these universities always live on-campus. All incoming exchange students who choose to live on-campus will be housed in Diehm Hall. In this dorm you will live with other exchange, honors, and international students from around the world.

Students will have a double occupancy (roommate assigned) bedroom with shared restrooms for approximately 30 residents. Students' rooms will be furnished with 2 twin beds, 2 desks, 2 dressers and 2 closets. Students must provide all of their own home furnishings, such as linens, hangers, desk supplies and personal items.

For some exchange students, the housing and meals must be paid in full before moving into on campus housing. Please contact the Bursar's Office at 717-872-3641 for more information and payment options. Please check with your home university to see if this applies to your program.

If you have selected to live on-campus in a dorm, housing will be provided beginning on the recommended arrival day (the Wednesday before the first day of classes).

Note: We are unable to provide accommodations for any student who arrives before the recommended arrival day. If you choose to arrive earlier than this day you will be responsible for finding and paying for your own accommodations.

View the MU Housing and Residential Programs Website for more information

Off-Campus Housing

For students from our other partner universities, it is strongly recommended that you also elect to live on campus. It is extremely difficult to find off campus housing due to the high demand from Millersville students. Students in the past have found off-campus housing, but not without a great deal of research and hard work. If you do choose to live off-campus, our office will not be able to provide housing assistance. Please note that you will also be required to have your housing plans finalized before you arrive.

One off-campus option that does like to welcome exchange students is the Millersville International House. MIH is more like a small dorm as opposed to an apartment.

Millersville International House was founded in cooperation with Eastern Mennonite Mission in 1987 to be a multicultural community where international students can thrive in personal relationships, professional development and spiritual formation.

Presently, about 30 residents from 15 countries find rich opportunities to learn about the world while finding a friendly place to adapt to their new home in Pennsylvania. These residents study at several different educational institutions in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

MIH is the only off-campus housing option that our office can assist you with. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to live in MIH.

If you have selected to live off-campus, you are responsible for your own accommodations upon arrival.