About Us

About Us

About Global Education

Millersville students go far through our International Studies academic program and numerous study abroad opportunities.

Global Education Mission Statement:

Enrich the academic and cultural environment of Millersville University by leading internationalization initiatives.

Global Education Vision Statement:

An inclusive internationalized campus that fosters global leadership and engagement.

Global Education EPPIC Core Values

Global Education EPPIC Core Values

Global Education provides Millersville University with learning opportunities to engage and serve internationally. These diverse experiences help to expand worldviews as well as value the global environment we live in.

Global Education promotes faculty and staff professional development through facilitating intercultural programs and events. We provide international experiences to develop globally competent graduates.

Public Mission:
Global Education leads the internationalization of the campus and promotes respect for all cultures, encouraging a sense of unity and support.

Global Education fosters student, faculty, and staff development as citizens by establishing relationships in an international context. Through diversity of thought, they serve as global ambassadors, as part of the larger community.

Global Education respects the uniqueness of each individual by celebrating diversity, through open communication and compassion.