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Renee Fracker - Donor of sports scholarshipDonor Profile: Renee Fraker '09, '11

Relationship to Millersville

I graduated from Millersville University in 2009 (undergraduate, Speech Communication – Public Relations) and then again in 2011 (graduate, Sport Management, M.Ed.). I was a member of the field hockey team from 2005-2009 and transitioned into a Graduate Assistant for the Athletics Department from 2009-2010. I also volunteered as an assistant field hockey coach during my time as a graduate assistant.

Type of Gift 
Field Hockey Scholarship

Why did you choose to make a gift to Millersville University?

Being a student-athlete at Millersville not only contributed to my success while I was a student, but has continued to shape who I am today. Most importantly, the opportunities I was given as a graduate assistant are immeasurable. Without those opportunities, I wouldn’t be where I am today, working in the field that I love.

Please share highlights of your experiences at Millersville as a student.

There are way too many important ones to just select a few Field Hockey (and intercollegiate athletics in general) were home to most of my highlights while I was a student at Millersville. The field hockey team now has a Heart Award and I was the first recipient of this phenomenal award. It did, and always will, mean so much to me.

As a younger alumna, what made you decide to give back now?

I feel privileged to have met so many amazing friends and mentors. Millersville University gave me the opportunity to meet these motivational and influential people. To give back to the University each year is the least that I can do.

How are students able to benefit from your gift today?

My gift goes back to a program that had a very large impact on my life, the field hockey team. My gift helps the team continue to succeed, and more directly, helps a student-athlete achieve her dreams of being a college field hockey player!