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Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

Can I remain anonymous with a planned gift?

Your interest in remaining anonymous can be fulfilled. Please indicate this intention when discussing your planned gift with a Development Staff member at the University or include in your estate plans.

Why would I want to make a planned gift?

There are many reasons to consider a planned gift to support the students and programs at Millersville University. Your gift is a testament of the importance and value you see in the education offered by Millersville. A planned gift can be completed utilizing a number of opportunities that will not only support your interest at the University, but may assist you in accomplishing other desires as well (providing funding for children or grandchildren; creating a life income stream for yourself or a loved one; supporting the students at a level you would not be able to commit to with a cash gift today). All of these are outlined and discussed throughout this site, and a staff member would be pleased to discuss what option is right for you.

What type of gift is right for me?

Not every type of planned gift is right for every individual. You are encouraged to explore the opportunities by utilizing the gift calculator found on this page and others throughout our site. If you have questions, contact Francis Schodowski (717) 872-3820, or complete the requested information at the end of the gift calculation.

Is there a minimum gift amount that I need to make?

The wonderful thing about a planned gift as part of your estate planning is that it can be of an amount that is appropriate for you and the area you seek to support. By naming the University or Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, you can designate a specific amount or percentage of the remainder. For a charitable gift annuity, the minimum is $10,000; and a trust agreement has a minimum of $100,000.

To create a named endowment in perpetuity, the current minimum is $25,000. You can create an endowment in a number of ways including a combination of current and planned gifts. Again, this should be discussed with a member of the Development Staff at the University to complete the appropriate paperwork.

What if I already named the University as a beneficiary (of a will, IRA, pension fund, trust, etc)?

Thank you! Your support for the students and programs at Millersville University is greatly appreciated. You are encouraged to share a copy of your intention so we can plan for your gift, meet your needs and recognize you for your generosity. Individuals who have included the University in their estate plans, and share that with us, are recognized as members of the Hobbs-Wickersham Society.