Student Profiles - Lyndsay Hoke

Student Profiles - Lyndsay Hoke

Lyndsay Hoke

Class: 2014
Major: Art Education
Hometown: Dover, Pa.

Why did you choose Millersville University to further your education?
The reason I choose Millersville University was really an accidental journey. I have a previous degree in specialized technology in design from The Art Institute, York, Pa. When I graduated, the economy was just starting to recess and no one was hiring. After a few years of local jobs, I decided to come to Millersville to receive another degree. The years of being close to campus and being involved with the University has made me want to go back to college to continue my education.

How has the transition into Millersville as a nontraditional student shaped your career goals?
I truly believe that waiting to come back to school at a later age has helped my career as a student. Having a family and then going back to school puts more emphasis on my goals and opportunities. I have a broader look on my education and take the time to really experience my field. I feel I have a true understanding of my passion and what I really want to do with my life

In what ways has being a nontraditional student affected your personal life?
Well, I have to laugh a little at this question because I do not have much of a personal life! I do have time for my workouts, dates with friends, and family events, but school work is one of my top priorities and I make sure that it gets done before anything else.

How do you maintain a healthy balance between family, school and work?
It took me a good two semesters of practice to really get to this happy balance. Luckily for me, I have a very supportive husband who gives me time for school whenever I need it. Also, I have been fortunate enough to have professors who let my son come to class with me when he has days off of school, and it helps that I am able to pick my hours at work. Without my support system, I imagine it would be much more difficult.

What has been the highlight of your time here at Millersville this far?
What I love about Millersville are the events. There is so much to do as a student, faculty member or even a member of the community. I love the speakers in particular. Two of the best speakers I saw had to be Dr. Richard Carmona, former United States Surgeon General, and Sir Kenneth Robinson, educationalist. Both were amazing speakers and gave truly inspirational presentations.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your major?
Art is such a fantastic subject to teach! Most frequently, I hear students say, “I am not good at art.” The best part of becoming an art teacher is to show them they are good; they just don’t know it yet! Art isn’t something that anyone can grade based off talent; it is something you feel. Anyone can make art as long as you have an open mind, don’t mind getting dirty and can have fun!

Do you have a job on campus? What are your responsibilities?
Yes, I have two jobs on campus. I am an office assistant to one of my favorite ladies, Deb Miller, University Communications and Marketing (UC&M). I answer the phone, organize/update files, enter mascot hours, run errands, enter photography events on the website and student payroll. Working for Deb is truly fantastic and everyone at UC&M is very nice. I also work for Mike Johnstone, technical operations. Typically, I set up laptops, projectors/screens, hook up speakers, tear down stages and occasionally help control audio/lighting during special events. What I love about technical operations is that even though I am the only female employee, Mike treats me no differently than the guys, except when I suggest getting pink sequined shirts to wear!

What are your plans after graduation?
Ultimately, the reason I am getting my art education degree is to open my own studio for children with disabilities. I want to create a space for those who need it the most. I feel the special needs community is such a wonderful place to invest my time and efforts. I want to give students with disabilities a place where they will never be afraid of being judged. They will be able to express themselves, be creative, laugh, be silly, have fun, experiment, make mistakes, get messy, make new friends and develop confidence all while learning about art!

Do you do any volunteer work?
Volunteering has a special place in my heart! One of my biggest passions is animals. Another charity close to my heart is The Janus School. The Janus School is an independent day school for students with learning disabilities, where my son Chase attends. The most recent volunteering opportunity I am involved with is through The Lancaster Creative Factory. I am a volunteer art teacher at a juvenile detention center, teaching young students that have had a rough time.

What do you like to do in your down time?
I love being with my family! I am a true homebody. I spend lots of time with our two dogs, Gus and Dino, and hang out with my cat Manny. We like to ride bikes, go to the park and do arts and crafts. We are notorious for our movie nights and playing hide and seek with the dogs! There is a down side of down time, which involves cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and yard work. But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
There are so many places I would love to see! My dream is that when I retire, my husband and I will travel the world. But for now, if I had to choose, I would go to Rio de Janeiro to see the Carnival! I love the colors, costumes, feathers and music. It would be such a blast to be a part of such an elaborate tradition.

How has Millersville University helped you succeed?
Millersville University truly values me as a student. I feel Millersville is very welcoming and supportive of my decision to further my education. Millersville has also been very inclusive with my involvement in the student community and doesn’t make me feel like I am nontraditional student.