Student Profiles - Jared Jackson

Student Profiles - Jared Jackson

Jared Jackson

Class: Senior
Major: Middle level education with a minor in science
Hometown: Lancaster, Pa. 

What made you want to attend Millersville University?
My brother went here for meteorology three years before me and I enjoyed the environment. Also, it is close to home so I am not too far from my friends.

What do you like most about Millersville?
The people are awesome. Almost all of my professors teach because they enjoy the subject, but also because they really want us to learn the subject. They put extra effort into doing everything they can so that each individual student can succeed. The students I've met are all friendly and easy to work with as well. Also, the faculty in the dining halls, dorms and buildings are very helpful and understanding.

Are you involved in any organizations on-campus?
Yes, I am a proud member of three organizations. I am a mentor for the Color of Teaching, in which I help motivate and encourage middle school students to get excited about learning and teach them that college is a wonderful and reachable option for them. As an education major, I am always excited to interact with the students, plan fun memorable activities and listen to what they are experiencing in their lives.

I am also involved in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I have met a lot of really great friends and established a great community with Intervarsity. I enjoy this organization so much because of how we support each other in the best of times, the worst of times and all the times in between. I couldn't imagine being at Millersville without Intervarsity.

I am also involved in Millersville's chapter of Love146. I have learned so much about human trafficking and social injustice through this organization. All of the members in the group have such a big heart for equal rights and helping those in need. I love working with people who stand up for what they believe in and do everything they can to help.  I hope that before I graduate, Love146 will become well known throughout the school and more people will understand the terror of human trafficking.

What do you do as a college chapter of Love146?
Here at Millersville, we host many events to raise awareness about the issue of sex-trafficking. We know that there are many people who are not reacting or doing anything about sex-trafficking simply because they have never heard of it. Two years ago I was one of those people. Getting people to know it exists and the spectrum of where it exists is usually enough to get people to want to help fight to end sex trafficking. We also go to different local events to educate ourselves more on the issue. Last year we were lucky enough to get the chance to have dinner with Love146's co-founder, Rob Morris, to discuss what we can do about sex-trafficking and how we can get other people involved.

Do you think people would be surprised to know there is sex-trafficking that occurs in Lancaster?
Yes, I have talked to and even interviewed a lot of different students at Millersville about sex-trafficking. When the question of "where does human trafficking occur?" comes up, many are surprised to know that it happens in the United States.  Those that do know it happens in the United States think only of it happening in big cities like in Atlanta and New York. However, you do not have to look too far to find sex-trafficking victims. Unfortunately, many people have the mindset of "if they don't see it, it's not happening."

What has been the highlight of your time at Millersville thus far?
Between the communities I have made with Intervarsity, the passion I have seen in students pursuing their major and the people here at Millersville, it's hard to decide. But I really enjoyed many of my education classes, learning different teaching methods, going out into the field and learning with other prospective teachers.

What made you want to pursue your current major?
I have always been really good with kids and enjoy teaching almost anything. In high school, I took a preschool education class and that really sealed the deal for me wanting to teach. I have enjoyed it immensely so far.

What is the best piece of advice you've received?

What is the most monumental thing you've learned during your time here?
To be involved as much as possible. My first roommate dragged me along to many things I normally would have skipped out on. By going to these different events, meeting different people and participating in different organizations, my time here in Millersville was well worth spent. If I could start all over again, I would involve myself in even more things.

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?
I cannot swim, I am afraid of fireflies and I really want to learn how to beatbox someday.

How has Millersville helped you succeed?
Millersville has taught me a lot about working together. I use to be a lone wolf and wanted to do everything by myself but I have discovered the value of bouncing ideas off of each other through my classes. Also, I think being an education major helps push me to do no less than succeed.