Millersville University Student Profile - Jessenia Garcia

Millersville University Student Profile - Jessenia Garcia

Jessenia Garcia

Class Year: 2013
Major: Business management
Hometown: Reading, Pa.

What organizations are you involved with on campus and why did you chose to join each one?
I am the Club de’Ville chair for the University Activities Board (UAB), public relations chair for the Color of Teaching and a member of Society of Latino Affairs. I am also a member of the Students Helping Admissions Recruiting Program (SHARP) Team. I joined the SHARP team because I wanted to be the reason why prospective students chose Millersville University. This team made me love and learn more about the University.

Overall, I still felt like I was missing something. I wanted to represent an organization that I could see myself in even after my studies at Millersville, which is the reason I decided to join Mu Sigma Upsilon. The goals that I had set for myself, Mu Sigma Upsilon also followed and represented on campus. Their sisterhood and networking skills really intrigued me.

The Tornado's Scholars Program also interested me because growing up I did not have a role model or someone to look up to; I was a role model to my brother and I wanted to help other teens realize that there is a possibility for them to attend college and to further themselves.

What activities do you participate in with your sorority?
My sorority sisters and I love to help out the community by participating in national events, such as Day of Caring, Martin Luther King Day of Service, Race Against Racism, New York Aids Walk, Autism Walk and March of Dimes. We enjoy spending time together when traveling, during holidays and watching the newest television shows or movies.

What is the purpose of the workshops your sorority hosts and what is your role?
The purpose of our workshops is to create awareness. We feel it is important to be aware of what is going on around the world and in our local community. We research topics that may affect our sisters here, as well as our sisters nationally. My role is to facilitate the workshops or to obtain a knowledgeable source, most likely a faculty or staff member, to educate us on the different topics.

What do you like most about being a “sister”?
This question was very difficult to answer because there is so much that I love about being a sister. From traveling to spending time with my sisters to meeting important members of the organization, there is always something to love. For me, the networking aspect has been one of the best parts of being a sister. I even got offered an internship with our philanthropy organization, Girls, Inc.

As a SHARP team member, how many tours do you usually give a semester?
When I started in spring 2010 I only gave a few tours. Now, any chance I get I hop on a tour or even give one-on-one tours for families who didn’t get a chance to register for a group tour. I love giving tours, and it’s an extra workout at the same time.

During the tours, what aspect of campus gets the most reactions?
I would have to say swan pond, 
Biemesderfer Executive Center and the Student Memorial Center’s Fitness Center. “Wow you guys have ducks!” is a reaction I get often.

What advice would you give to incoming students at Millersville?
Make the most out of your college experience; don't just stay in your residence halls. Get out there and search for what motivates you in your own way! There are more than 250 clubs and organizations on this campus-there has to be something you are interested in and if there's not, create an organization.

What is the Tornado Scholars Program?
The Tornado Scholars Program was developed to help ninth grade students begin thinking about college at an early age. We mentor them and also help them improve their writing and math skills.

As a mentor, what are some your responsibilities?
Along with the other mentee's from Millersville University and Franklin and Marshall College, we teach them about respect and responsibility. The students are adjusting into high school and still need a little push sometimes when it comes to academics. Most of them just need someone to look up to and encourage them.

Have you learned anything through your experience as a mentor?
I have learned that everyone needs someone to look up to. With this program, I could change someone's life.

How has Millersville University helped you succeed?
I have succeeded by seizing the opportunities Millersville has to offer. My jobs and being part of a Greek-lettered organization have helped me network in the community and have also helped me to acquire my internship. The faculty here challenge individuals like me to gain experience by applying classroom ideas to the real world. Faculty, friends and Millersville have made me the successful student and individual that I am today. To attend Millersville University was and still is the best decision I have ever made.