MU Closed Wednesday

With the forecast of “a wintry mix changing to snow,” Millersville University has decided to close the campus for Wednesday, November 26.  It is important to note that ALL classes will be held, as scheduled, the remainder of today and tonight.  Only essential personnel are to report on Wednesday. 

 Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

 Policy on Snow Delays/Cancellations

Math Projects

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Mathematics Projects 2013-2014

  • Experimental Design
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Optimal Take-off for Clearing an Obstacle
  • Graph Theory
  • History of Quadratic Formula
  • History of the Quadratic Formula

Mathematics Projects 2012-2013

  • The Topology of the 4 Link-complement of the Brunnian Rings
  • Periodic Orbits on a 120-Isoceles Triangle
  • Periodic Orbits on a 120-Isoceles Triangle
  • Periodic Orbits on a 120-Isoceles Triangle
  • Technology and the Evolution of Math Education
  • Evolution of the Position of Women in Math
  • Resolution Graphs and Splice Diagrams of Certain Surface Singularities
  • Co-Circularity of Graphs
  • Stability Analysis of Gram-Schmidt-based Orthogonalization

Mathematics Projects 2011-2012

  • Advanced Statistical Methods          
  • Teaching Strategies for Algebra        
  • Calculators in the Classroom 
  • Technology and Motivation in the Mathematics Classroom 
  • Fibonacci Numbers    
  • Advanced Statistical Methods          
  • Fibonacci Numbers    
  • History of AP Calculus Test  
  • Historical and Societal Perceptions of Women in Math and Science
  • Gram-Schmidt Analysis         
  • Splice-quotient Singularities  

Mathematics Projects 2010-2011

  • Discriminant Models in Graduation Prediction and Amblyopia Referral

    Mathematics Projects 2009-2010

    • Restricted Three-Body Problem A 3 Bodied Model of Saturn's Rings Elementary Differential Geometry
    • Math Anxiety in Students
    • The Effect of Mathematics Homework on Student Achievement
    • Topics: Assessment in 7 to 12 Mathematics
    • Visual Displays of Statistical Results
    • A Stochastic Model of a Flour Beetle Ecosystem
    • Word Problems as a Reflection of Culture

    Mathematics Projects 2008-2009

    • Abstract Algebra 1
    • Advanced Applied Statistics
    • Elements of Statistics II
    • Financial Mathematics
    • Geometric Topology
    • Preliminary Tests for Variance
    • Statistical Packages SAS and R
    • Teaching of Math in the Secondary School
    • The Effect of Mathematics Homework on Student Achievement
    • The Visual Display of Statistical Results
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Topics in Math Ed: Assessment in Grades 7-12 Mathematics
    • Topics in Math: Graph Theory
    • Topics in Statistics: Survival Analysis

    Mathematics Projects 2007-2008

    • The Analysis of a Mathematical Task
    • Computation of Center Manifolds
    • Technology in Math Education
    • 2-In/3-Out A-Infinity Bialgebras
    • Topics in Geometry
    • Diagonal Approximations on an n-gon and the Cohomology Ring of Closed Compact Orientable Surfaces
    • Circularity of Graphs
    • Cardiac Arrhythmias and the FitzHugh Nagumo Model
    • Preliminary Tests for Variances
    • Numerical Stabilization of the Convection-Diffusion Problem
    • Double Bubble Experiments in the Three-Torus

    Mathematics Projects 2006-2007

    • Introduction to Dynamical Systems
    • Double Bubbles in the 3 Dimensional Torus
    • Historical Development of Mathematical Thought
    • Circularity of Grapss
    • Subgrid Stabilization of Convection Diffusion Equations
    • Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics
    • Dynamics of a Damped, Magnetic, Spherical Pendulum
    • Dynamics of a Magnetic Pendulum