Student Profile

Antonio Mendez

Antonio Mendez

Major: Biology (Marine Biology Option) , Biology Education

Class Year: Senior
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Additional Information

            Senior Biology major Antonio Mendez has always had a passion for marine life. He chose Millersville University because it permitted him to pursue his dream of becoming a marine biologist while staying close to his family. Mendez decided to augment his interest in Biology by adding another major, Biology Education, to his course of study. He says this second major will enable him to teach the general public about scientific issues. After arriving on campus, Mendez knew that Millersville would be able to encourage and reinforce his scholastic desires.

            The biology program has offered Mendez many different experiences within the field.  Currently, he is working on a thesis based on summer research he conducted as part of an NSF-Research Experience for Undergraduates program at Texas A&M University. Mendez mentioned this experience, where he studied dolphin mating tactics, as one of his most rewarding off-campus study experiences. Other positive academic experiences include his involvement with volunteering and attending classes at the Marine Science Consortium. Mendez believes that access to the Consortium is one of the strengths of Millersville’s biology program, because it is an ideal place to do work in marine biology that may not be possible on campus.

            Mendez is quick to point out that he has grown and developed academically because of the tremendous resources available at Millersville. In addition to research labs and cutting edge equipment, he cited the quality of professors he interacts with on a daily basis as being integral to his educational pursuits. He believes that their support and involvement creates an environment that allows students to succeed. Outside of the Biology program, Mendez is involved in the Ocean Science Club, which helped him to make friends with other students who shared similar interests. After graduation, Mendez plans on going to graduate school to attain a PhD in Marine Biology with a focus on cetaceans (whales and dolphins).  His advice to prospective or first-year students at Millersville: be active on campus; build relationships with professors and other students; and, most importantly, make the most of your experience at Millersville.