To Apply


Refer to the program checklist below for release dates and the final application deadlines for each semester. Approximate deadlines for applications are as follows:

For study abroad during:
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Academic Year
Applications are due:
  • Mid-September
  • Mid-September
  • Late-February/Early-March
  • Late-February/Early-March
  • Late-February/Early-March

Before Applying

Before downloading and submitting an application to study abroad

Global Education STRONGLY encourages you to research the program thoroughly and discuss your plans with:

  • The Office of Global Education (schedule a Study Abroad 101 meeting, by completing an Initial Interest form.)
  • Your academic advisor(s)
  • Any family members or other parties involved in the decision making process.

Application Instructions

Read the following directions before begining your application

  1. Reference the checklist for all requirements/documents.
  2. Review eligibility requirements (Section A, page one)
  3. Complete all pages by typing directly into each form. Handwritten application packets will not be accepted.
  • Section A:  Personal Information/Questions
  • Section B:  Forms
  • Section C:  Recommendations

-USE INTERNET EXPLORER OR GOOGLE CHROME to access all application documents.  These web browsers do not alter the format of the PDF documents and allow you to type into the forms after you have saved them to your computer or pen drive.  Mozilla Firefox tends to cause problems with those PDF documents.

-ACCESS your application documents by selecting the hyperlinks on the application checklist below for the program to which you apply.

-SAVE THEN TYPE directly into your application documents.  Each document is a "typeable" PDF which means that you must first save a blank copy of each document to your computer and then use the saved document to complete your application.  This will allow you to save your application each time changes are made.

  1. Print, sign, and date the appropriate pages. All signatures are highlighted in blue to help you recognize where you will need to sign and date throughout the application. A "typed signature" will not be accepted.

Submit the application packet to the Office of Global Education.

Applications--Summer 2016