Foro Europeo School of Business

Foro Europeo School of Business

About Foro Europeo

Many people think of the San Fermin Festival (The Running of the Bulls) when they think about Pamplona, Spain. Although this is the City's hallmark, Pamplona has much more to offer. Beautiful parks and gardens, medieval churches and buildings are all contained within the city's walls. This hospitable and friendly city is filled with local tradition and has many leisure and shopping facilities as well as delicious cuisine. Foro Europeo is centered in this culturally rich city thus providing students with a unique and well rounded study abroad experience.

Foro Europeo, Escuela de Negocios is the Business school of the State of Navarra, Spain, specializing in Business Management, mainly of SMES (Small and Medium Enterprises). It was established by the State of Navarra to provide the region with qualified business professionals and is fully accredited by Navarra's Ministry of Education and Culture. Foro Europeo works in conjunction with the Navarra, Schools of Businesses of Diverse Spanish Independent Communities, the European Union, and the European Forum of Enterprise Formation.

Program Offerings

Foro Europeo semester courses are offered to full-time students, in which international undergraduate students attend classes with their Spanish peers. Students can take many of the Foro Europeo regular courses according to their needs and their level of Spanish proficiency. Full-time and part-time (unpaid) internships in companies and organizations of Pamplona are available for students who have a good command of the Spanish language.

Foro Europeo Offers Courses in:

Business administration and finances, commercial management, financial management, marketing, human resources, accountancy and tax policies, information technology, approach to company organization, public administration, managerial skills, and other business related courses.


Students pay MU tuition and the Millersville general and tech fees directly to Millersville. There is an additional non-refundable, non-transferable MU program participation fee and application fee paid directly to Millersville, due at the time of application. Room and board is arranged and paid for separately; costs will vary depending on the type of housing selected.

These charges do not include passport and visa fees, airfare, books and supplies or incidental expenses such as laundry, personal travel or entertainment.

Below is an estimated worksheet of costs for the Spring 2013 semester at Foro Europeo. (Fall 2013 Cost Worksheet will be available soon)

Foro Cost Worksheet (PDF)

Financial Assistance

Students should investigate loans which may be available, such as application for Federal Student Aid. Scholarships have individual regulations, and students should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if their scholarships are transferable. Students can look into grants such as the Rotary Scholarships which cover expenses, including room, board, tuition, and airfare. This scholarship form must be completed one to one and one-half years in advance and is available from any Rotary Club. Another option is to research online or stop by our office for additional opportunities. Please see Financial Considerations for more information.


Students may choose to study abroad either for a semester of for a full academic year. The first semester begins in September and runs through December. The second semester begins in February and ends in June.


Students make independent room and apartmental rental arrangements within the city of Pamplona and with the assistance of Foro Europeo and Millersville University.


Most students who study abroad are traditionally juniors. However, students can and do study abroad anytime after they have completed 24 credits. Students should complete an application to study abroad one semester before wishing to go abroad. Please stop by the Office of Global Education & Partnerships to pick up an application and ask about deadlines. A minimum of a 2.0 GPA, demonstration of at least 202 level Spanish proficiency, an official transcript and two letters of recommendation from professors from your home university are also required. The Director of Global Education & Partnerships will then interview students and a selection will be made shortly after the interviews are completed.

Transfer of Credit

Students should work with their advisors to select courses which will fit into their major and General Education Requirements.

A request for Study Abroad Resident Credits form, available in the Global Education & Partnerships Office, must be completed before the student leaves. After the study aborad program is completed and a transcript is sent to Millersville University, the Registrar's office determines the final transfer of credit. All courses taken at Foro Europeo will come back to Millersville as transfer courses, as if the student had taken them at another U.S. institution. Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog ("Transfer Credit") for the transfer policy.

Foro Europeo and Spain Videos

Watch a short video about Foro Europeo:

Foro Europeo Video in English:

Foro Europeo Video in Spanish:

Spain Video:

To Apply

Refer to Global Education's home page at for the application release date and the final application deadline for each cycle. Approximate deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • Spring: mid-Sept
  • Fall: mid-February
  • Year-long: mid-February

Before downloading and submitting an application to study abroad through this program, students are STRONGLY encouraged to research the program thoroughly and discuss their plans with the Office of Global Education, their academic advisor(s) and any family members or other parties involved in the decision making process.

To apply, click on the following link to be directed to the "To Apply" webpage. Be sure to read all instructions before completing an application to study abroad: To Apply webpage