London, England

London, England


In this unique week long class we will explore theatre as it developed and as it exists now in the exciting city of London, England.

The program will be headquartered in London and requires daily field trips to nearby locations in the city. All class gatherings will be on-site, focusing on first-hand experience (as opposed to lecture) and will leave ample time for students to explore London on their own. The course includes attendance at four professional theatre performances in London , as well as backstage tours at the Globe Theatre, the National Theatre and the Royal Theatre Drury Lane.

Program Offerings

Students earn 3 credits and can select from one of the following:
THEA 217 Theatre Appreciation (G1)
THEA 317 London Theatre Tour (G1 & P)
THEA 412 Topics in Theatre (Advanced Topics)

This class fulfills the general education perspectives requirement. Students should work with their academic advisors to ensure that these 3 credits are appropriately utilized for the student's major/minor requirements or to fulfill General Education requirements.


Cost: approximately $1750 - $1900 (depending on airfare) to participate in this course during Summer 2014.

This cost includes:

  • Airfare
  • 7-nights accommodations in dormatory style single rooms (shared bathrooms) and includes breakfast.
  • Theatre tours (Globe Theatre, National Theatre, Royal Theatre Drury Lane)
  • Tickets to four live theatre performances including a play at the Globe Theatre.

This cost does not include:

  • Millersville tuition and fees (For specific information about Summer Term credits click here - NOTE: these costs are for the 2012-2013 Academic Year)
  • International Student Identity Cards (ISIC):$25, $95 or $200 (depending on insurance plan selected)
  • Passport (How to apply for a passport)*
  • Meals (lunch and dinner)
  • Transportation to-and-from the airport
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs and other daily expenses)
  • Public transportation around London

A $500.00 deposit to secure a spot in the class is due NOVEMBER 15, 2013 and the balance of the payment is due by March 1, 2014.

*If you do not have a passport, you must apply for one immediately. Keep in mind that it takes 4-6 weeks to receive a passport.

Financial Aid

Study Abroad requires a student to plan for both academic costs/fees and personal expenses. It is important to keep in mind the cost of living and currency exchange rates compared to costs associated with living in Millersville (for example, living in a large city will be more expensive than living in Millersville, however in other areas of the world, the cost of living may be less.)

Federal/State Financial Aid: If you qualify for federal and/or PA state financial aid, you may apply it to your accredited study abroad program. For aid specific to summer aid: most students are required to be registered for a minimum of 6 credits in order to be eligible for financial aid. Any aid received during the summer will be deducted from the amount of aid available to you for the following academic year. (Summer classes Financial Aid questions)

The Office of Global Education prepares cost worksheets for all of the official MU study abroad programs to submit to the Financial Aid Office. As part of the Pre-Departure Paperwork process, students must indicate on their paperwork whether or not they wish to use summer financial aid. If they choose to use financial aid for this course abroad, the Office of Global Education will submit a cost worksheet to the Financial Aid Office on their behalf. These worksheets take into account all academic costs to study abroad (including additional tuition, living expenses, passport fees, airfare, etc.) and are used to re-evaluate students' financial aid packages. Costs associated with any additional travel outside of what is required by the program will not be included in the financial aid cost worksheet.

Students should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss their specific financial aid package.


The next course abroad is scheduled for Summer Session II, 2014 (mid- to late-June, 2014).


Students will live in a dormitory setting with a single room. Accomodations include:

  • a washstand
  • a small refrigerator
  • shared bathrooms
  • bed linens
  • a towel
  • full breakfast
  • WIFI
  • close proximity to public transportation and grocery stores


Students must enroll in 3 credits. See Program Offerings above for class selection. Enrollment is limited to 15 participants, including University students at all levels and non-degree seeking students.

Transfer of Credit

The Millersville course students select will be the equivalent of 3.0 credits for the program. This program will also fulfill the Millersville University perspectives requirement.

To Apply

For more information please contact: