MOSAIC- China & Vietnam

About MOSAIC - China & Vietnam

Maryville University, located in St. Louis, MO, administers a comprehensive faculty-led short-term study abroad program on behalf of a 7-institution consortium called MOSAIC or Missouri Study-Abroad Inter-Collegiate Consortium - along with Central Methodist University, Columbia College, Culver-Stockton College, Fontbonne University, Missouri Valley College, and Millersville University. 

The Summer 2014 MOSAIC program in China & Vietnam will include a courses taught by Dr. Lisa Schreiber, Assistant Professor of Communications from Millersville University.

Information Session
Dr. Lisa Schreiber- TBA

Topics:  Dr. Schreiber and Global Education will review costs, financial aid, the application process, courses, and any questions you may have to help you make the decision to apply.


Dates for the MOSAIC-China & Vietnam Summer 2014 program are May 13 - June 10.

Program Offerings

Students will earn 6 credits (additional 3 credits possible for an extra cost).

Students must enroll in two courses offered by MOSAIC faculty.  They have the option to enroll in a third course for a total of 9 credits, for an additional cost.

All students will take a course titled Language and Chinese Culture and then choose a second course they would like to take from the list of courses provided below.  If students are enroll for 9 credits, they will take “Exploring the Culture of China and Vietnam” as their third class.

Students should work with their academic advisor to ensure that these courses are appropriately utilized for the student's major/minor requirements or to fulfill General Education requirements.

MOSAIC-China & Vietnam Courses: Summer 2014 Courses for MOSAIC-China & Vietnam [PDF]


To participate in this program, students must:

  1. Complete 24 credits prior to study abroad

  2. Maintain a minimum of a cumulative 2.0 GPA through the semester before departure.

  3. Meet all deadlines and application/paperwork requirements.


Students will stay in shared apartments for the majority of the program and when traveling throughout China, students will stay in hotels. In Hong Kong, students will stay in a youth hostel.


Students pay Maryville University tuition and program charge directly to Maryville University.  There is an additional non-refundable, non-transferable Non-MU program participation fee and application fee paid directly to Millersville, due at the time of application.

Below is an estimated cost worksheet for the Summer 2014 MOSAIC - China & Vietnam program.
MOSAIC - China & Vietnam Cost Worksheet [Coming Soon]

NOTE:  The cost worksheet includes the cost for a passport.  If you do not have a passport, you must apply for one immediately.  Keep in mind that it takes 4-6 weeks to receive a passport.

Financial Assistance

Study abroad requires a student to plan for both academic costs/fees and personal expenses.  It is important to keep in mind the cost of living and currency exchange rates compared to costs associated with living in Millersville (for example, living in a large city will be more expensive than living in Millersville, however in other areas of the world, the cost of living may be less).

The Office of Global Education prepares cost worksheets for all of the official MU study abroad programs (listed above under "costs").  These worksheets take into account all academic costs to study abroad (including additional tuition, living expenses, passport fees, airfare, etc.).  Global Education does not provide estimates for additional travel.

Summer Aid:  Most students are required to be registered for a minimum of 6 credits in order to be eligible for financial aid.  Any aid received during the summer will be deducted from the amount of aid available to you for the following academic year.

Prior to submitting your study abroad application, it is strongly recommended that you take a copy of the program specific cost worksheet, or a completed Non-MU cost worksheet, to the Financial Aid Office to discuss financial planning.  Depending upon your specific financial aid package, the Financial Aid Office will provide estimates of what additional aid you may receive to fund your study abroad experience.  They are also able to inform you about alternative financing options available such as private loans.

Transfer of Credit

Students should work with their major/minor advisors to select courses which will fit into their major(s), minor(s), and General Education requirements, where appropriate.  The Office of Global Education cannot provide any academic advice or determine class equivalencies.

A Request for Study Abroad Resident Credits form, available through the Office of Global Education & Partnerships, during the Pre-Departure paperwork stage once accepted to study abroad, must be completed prior to the student's departure.  This form gives students and their major/minor departments the opportunity to determine multiple possibilities of course choices and their equivalencies.

After the study abroad program is completed and a transcript is sent to Millersville University, the Registrar's Office determines the final transfer of credit.  All courses taken through the MOSAIC - China & Vietnam program will come back to Millersville as transfer credit from Maryville University.  Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for the transfer policy.

To Apply

Refer to Global Education's home page at for the application release announcement.

Summer 2014 Participation: Applications will be available to complete starting December 20, 2013. The deadline to submit a "Non-MU Study Abroad" application is February 19, 2014.

Before downloading and submitting an application to study abroad through this program, students are STRONGLY encouraged to research the program thoroughly and discuss their plans with the Office of Global Education, their academic advisor(s) and any family members or other parties involved in the decision making process.

To apply, click on the following lin to be directed to the "To Apply" webpage. Be sure to read all instructions before completing a NON-MU Study Abroad application. Pay special attention to the green highlighted comments to MOSAIC participants throughout the application checklist.