Prior to Arrival

Prior to Arrival

Prior to the first day of the semester/year at Millersville, you must have completed several steps:

  1. Submit a completed Millersville University application through your school's International Office, including your housing preference (on or off-campus) and photocopy of your passport.
  2. Your application will be processed and upon receipt of Millersville University's letter of admission, a written confirmation of acceptance from the student is required, via letter or e-mail.
  3. When an online schedule is available, our office will e-mail you with registration information. Course selections must be made and confirmed with the Office of Global Education & Partnerships.
    For a look at the Undergraduate Course Catalog to see the types of classes offered at Millersville with brief descriptions, click here.
    Please Note: Not all of these classes are offered each semester, so do NOT plan your class schedule from this catalog. This is just a guide to illustrate what sort of classes Millersville offers. Please wait until you receive our e-mail letting you know where you can find the classes offered for the semester you will be attending Millersville before sending course selections.***
  4. Complete the medical forms packet which will be sent to you after we receive your confirmed letter of attendence at Millersville University. These forms are mandatory. Students cannot begin classes without having turned in completed medical forms that are signed by their doctor. Please note that there are four (4) places that require a doctor's signature.

Please Note, You MUST have Health Insurance coverage for the duration of your stay in the United States (If you are not covered in the United States under your current policy, you may opt to use Millersville's preferred health insurance provider for International students. Click here and follow the instructions provided with your New Student Booklet.) Please note that students will be required to provide proof of health insurance to MU upon arrival.

Unless noted, please return all forms directly to:

The Office of Global Education & Partnerships
Cumberland House
Millersville University
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551

Still more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you in anyway we can!