MU will close at 4 p.m.

Due to the predicted winter weather, Millersville University will close at 4 p.m. today, Tuesday, March 3, 2015.  All night classes are cancelled on campus and at The Ware Center.

Policy on Snow Delays/Cancellations

Contact Us

Dean of Education Staff

Dr. Helena Tuleya-Payne
Interim Dean, School of Education
Phone: (717)872-3379

Dr. Doyin Coker-Kolo
Associate Dean
Phone: (717) 872-3816
Barb Havercamp
Administrative Manager
Phone: (717) 871-2006
Cynthia Stehli
Administrative Assistant (Dean)
Phone: (717) 872-3379
Fax: (717 )872-3856

Trish McEvoy
Admin. Assistant  (Assoc. Dean)
Certification Office
Phone: (717) 872-3816

Dr. Ellen Long
Director, Field Services
Phone:  (717) 872-3816

Pam Via
Administrative Assistant
Student Teaching Office
Phone:  (717) 871-5561

Cassandra Kesselman
Administrative Assistant
Early Field Experience Office
Phone:  (717) 871-5562
Graduate Assistant - Field Services
Phone:  (717) 871-5752

Alyssa, Charissa, Charity, Jessica
Jenny, Katie, Kayla
Student Workers
Phone: (717)872-3379

Mailing Address

Stayer Hall
Millersville University of PA
P. O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Who can help me?

APS - Trish
Assoc. Dean calendar - Trish
Budget issues - Barb
Certification - Trish
Change of Grade - Cyndi
Clearances- Cassandra
Curric. Comm. SoE. - Barb
Dean's calendar - Cyndi
EDW reapprovals - Cyndi
Exception requests  - Cyndi
Faculty reappointment- Cyndi
Early Field Exper. - Cassandra
Grants - Barb
Load and complement - Barb
Lock/Key Req. (Stayer) - Barb
Meeting rooms (Stayer)- Cyndi
Praxis tests - Trish
Prof. Development Funds - Barb 
Promotion & Tenure - Cyndi
Searches (faculty & staff) - Barb
Special Events - Barb
Student Teaching - Pam Via
TEC - Cyndi
TPTF appointment - Barb
Travel requests - Cyndi
Voting (Dept. Elections)- Cyndi
Website, Certification. - Trish
Website, Dean of Educ. - Barb